IT Support for Business

Microsoft, Netgear & DrayTekWe offer a full range of services for the small to medium sized business designed to keep a company’s IT systems functioning efficiently.

Our philosophy is ‘prevention is better than cure’, and to this end we offer a remote monitoring service where we continually monitor the performance of customers’ IT systems from our Basingstoke office. This enables us to regularly check that virus software is up to date, that updates and security patches have been downloaded and installed. We can also check that backups have been run and completed.

Basingstoke Network Services are able to install and maintain most combinations of hardware and software, as a result of including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle certifications and Apple/Mac and Linux specialists within their team.

Basingstoke Network Services also provide secure remote access to your systems using VPN (Virtual Private Networks) technology for your traveling workforce, your home workers and our system engineers for approved diagnosis and routine maintenance operations.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

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